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1st of all , Congratulations if you are also a APSRTC Employee. this is something special article is only for you.  APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation)  is working in Andhra Pradesh , looking for road transport system. they provides many facilities to there passengers like Live tracking facility, BUS 🚍 time table , ETC. and Time to time try are improving also. 

In this corporation many people works . and our today’s article is for those all people who work in APSRTC.

Information About APSRTC CCS Loan:

💵 Money is such a thing that we ourselves do not know when we need it and how much we need. In such difficult times, when we do not have as much savings as we need, We try to get help from our friends and family ,  We try to borrow, we try to arrange but somewhere we face some problems and finally we think 🤔 to Raise the money on interest as a LOAN. 

The Interest rate on loan in the private sector is so high , that many times we are afraid of even taking a loan, But Good News 📰 for all of you who work in this Organization Called APSRTC  have the best facility for Loan.

APSRTC CCS  (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation Cooperative Credit Society).  If you are an employee of this Organization or Member of this organization the have an advantage to get loan Up to 5 Lakhs on a very Good Rate of interest ( If Compare to pvt. Sectors). And you will have enough time for repayment.  

We will talk everything about APSRTC CCS. please read complete article at the end 🔚 there is some key 🗝 points also you need to keep in mind before taking Loan.

APSRTC CCS Interest Rate:

Interest Rate is the main factor when we talk about any kind of loan. for the APSRTC CCS they are claiming that they are given loan to there EMPLOYEE on a very LOW Rate of interest is 12% Per annum, with a fallible tenure upto 5 – 15 Year. 

APSRTC CCS LOAN Eligibility Criteria:

This Loan scheme comes under Andhra Pradesh State Transport Corporation 🏡 Employees Provident Fund Trust (APSRTC PF) loan.

TO Get this loan You must full fill these Criteria – 

  • ✅You need to be an Employee of APSRTC.
  • ✅You must have valid PAN and Aadhar Card.
  • ✅Your past loan records should be great.
  • ✅Have a Good CIBIL Record ⏺.
  • ✅You shouldn’t have failed EMI of yours in last 3-6 Months.
  • ✅You must have completed your 7-10 year of service in APSRTC.
  • ✅There is an Term & Condition regarding AGE , make sure your Age 👨 should be According APSRTC. 
  • ✅Bank Details will be required.
  • ✅Employment Details will be required. 
  • ✅Identify Proof Details will be required.
  • ✅Address Proof Details will be required.
  • ✅Pension Statements of the employee ( In Case of Retirement) Details will be required.

Best things about APSRTC CCS Loan

Lots of Factors are there in this LOAN scheme for there employees which makes this scheme very helpful and attractive. 

These are some Best Points OR you can say advantages in this loan scheme 


Don’t Worry about tenure , The APSRTC Employee are getting good tenure , the tenure of your loan depends on your eligible LOAN amount. most of the cases the tenure is up 5 years.

As we have discussed, it’s a personal loan (Unsecured Loan) so you don’t need to put anything of yours . It’s Collateral free loan. 

After Disbursement, You will not be asked any questions about your Loan amount regarding it’s uses. APSRTC gives you the freedom to use of your money 💵. You can use to full-fill your purpose.

For Now , the loan limit is upto 5 lacks . maybe they will increase there loan limit in future 🔮. 

As we discussed above , that the repayment time ⌚ will be enough to pay your EMI . you can choose you repayment timing according to APSRTC.  In every type of loan , The APSRTC gives you easy and maximum repayment timing, it depends on your Loan amounts and uses. 

This loan Provides by that organization You Work, An employee can get rid of lot’s off Stress because of money 💵 he requires on his or her bad timing. Most of the time ⌚ , this loan will be very helpful for APSRTC EMPLOYEES. It will definitely helps you to full fill you needs without thinking Stress about Out side loan on higher Rates of interest.

Disadvantages of APSRTC CCS Loan

  •  👉 As we knows if we are taking loan then we should pay our EMIs on time ⌚. It’s good for our record ⏺. Few companies are there in the market , where if you failed to pay your EMI on Time or On Due date then they don’t penalize too much for it. But in case of APSRTC CCS  you may penalize for extra charges .
  •  👉 One of very disappointing things is the Loan Amount , in todays word 5 Lakhs is very low amount for the loan , lots of people are required Big amount of loan. 
  •  👉 If you are taking loan to you boss where you work , just think 🤔 You may bound to work till the complete repayment . same logic you can apply here also , and in case of termination you may be affected badly because of this loan. ( I pray – noting like this happen )
  •  👉 One more disadvantage for everyone those who are not the part of APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation) The loan is very limited . Those who are not the employee of APSRTC may not be eligible for this loan.

Documents Required for APSRTC CCS Loan

  • ✅Bank Details.
  • ✅Employment Details. 
  • ✅Identify Proof
  • ✅Address Proof
  • ✅Photographs ( passport Size )
  • ✅Pension Statements of the employee ( In Case of Retirement)
Once Confirm the Demanding Document for now from your local authority of APSRTC CCS and the fill the Form. 

How to Apply for APSRTC CCS Loan

APSRTC Loan Application Can be submit by Online Or Offline. Make sure you have all the required documents for the loan . i would like to suggest, Once confirmed from your senior in department regarding loan and ask for required Documents from the local Authorities. 

once everything confirmed, Go to the official website of APSRTC and login through your EMPLOYEES Details. Download the Loan Application in PDF Format. Fill the form very carefully and attached all the required documents. and the submit to the correct local authority.

NOTE: As i was searching the pdf loan application form , i didn’t get the right pdf form , if you are also getting problems to find the pfd then leave the online process . go with OFFLINE process .

Official Website of APSRTC : http://www.apsrtcpf.in/

Key 🗝Points for APSRTC CCS Loan

These Key Points is valid for all kind of loan , so if you are going to take loan from APSRTC CCS then be aware of these important things 👇 

  • ✅Look once , exact intersect Rate in your Loan term & Condition .
  • ✅Make sure all the documents attached with loan application form.
  • ✅Only submit the application at local Authorities APSRTC office.
  • ✅No money and Fee are require for process loan , don’t give any amount to any officers for approval of your loan.
  • ✅Ask your repayment timing and due date, maybe they deduct your loan EMI from your salary.
  • ✅Ask for any kind delays charges in case of filed to pay your Loan EMIs.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked (FAQs)👇

Right Now , The maximum loan limit for any Employee is
₹5 Lakh. 

APSRTC CCS offers loans at an interest rate of 12% per annum, with a flexible tenure ranging from 5 to 15 years.

Eligibility criteria include being an APSRTC employee, having a valid PAN and Aadhar card, maintaining a good CIBIL record, and completing 7-10 years of service with APSRTC, among other requirements.

Yes, there are potential disadvantages, such as penalties for late EMIs, limited loan amounts, potential job commitment until loan repayment, and ineligibility for non-APSRTC employees.



Required documents include bank details, employment details, identification proof, address proof, passport-sized photographs, and pension statements (in case of retirement).

Applicants can apply for an APSRTC CCS loan both online and offline. The application process involves downloading the loan application form, filling it out carefully, and submitting it with the required documents to the correct local authority.

Important considerations include reviewing the loan’s interest rate, ensuring all necessary documents are attached to the application, submitting the application at the local APSRTC office, not paying any fees for loan processing, and inquiring about repayment timing and any potential delay charges.

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