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Hi Everyone.....


Thank you so much for your Love and Supports.

Let me introduce myself -

sheshmani Maurya

Amidst the pandemic, I lost my job, but I discovered my true purpose in assisting fellow individuals with their financial requirements

I earned my degree from college and was all eager to embark on my journey in the financial domain. I secured a position in a prominent financial institution and quickly ascended the professional ladder. Progress was steady, and a promising career seemed on the horizon.

Then came the pandemic. Among the multitude of jobs that vanished, mine was also engulfed. It was a sorrowful time. I was perplexed, unsure of the next step. My pockets were bare, unable to cater to bills and sundry expenses.

I endeavored to hunt for a new job, yet the times were arduous. The pandemic had unleashed economic turmoil, leading to a dearth of job opportunities.

A realization dawned during this phase. Many store proprietors in my vicinity grappled with financial strains. The pandemic had eroded their customer base, causing financial hardships.

I was certain of my ability to assist. Drawing from my financial sector background, I understood the mechanics of lending. I connected store owners with lenders capable of extending loans and guided them in prudent money management.

I take pride in aiding over 1,500 shop owners in securing indispensable loans. My conversations about financial autonomy reached more than 3,000 individuals.

Through the past years, I’ve imbibed extensive insights into aiding people with their financial affairs. I’ve witnessed how monetary challenges can mar lives, yet I’ve also witnessed the hope kindled by financial stability.

Motivated, I resolved to launch my own website. My aim is to impart my knowledge and experiential wisdom. I aspire to assist people in navigating their financial journey and making judicious decisions.

In my perspective, financial stability is a universal right. Through offering comprehensive information, I strive to support individuals in their pursuit of fiscal well-being.

Important :

We do not disburse any kind of Loan Directly to anyone, We ( only provide information related to Loan and Finance, with the help of which you can make a better Decision.