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Loans have become the most discussed topic nowadays among the unemployed people in Ireland. The global pandemic situation has lowered their income, and at the same time, they have the escalating bills and other expenses.

Fulfilling the financial obligations for them is getting tight, and unemployment rates are getting bigger. In such circumstances, unemployed loans hold the critical factor when they are out, or work and managing finance becomes tough.

What are Unemployed Loans?

The loans for unemployed people are one of the fundamental units of personal loans, where individuals with no full-time income borrow funds when they need at most. These loans often contradict with the benefits granted to the jobless people. Many direct lenders in Ireland hesitate to allow loans for those gaining those benefits, but we accept their loan applications and assume those benefits as the repayment sources.

At here, one can borrow the amount from €1000 to €15000 for the maximum duration of 36 months.

How Much Are the Interest Rates?

The interest rates are not predefined as they are flexible according to the individual circumstances. Suppose if someone wants only €2000, then interest rates will be finalised differently to that with the need of €13000.


Are you not able to prove your income due to lack of full-time employment? There is no need to worry. We review your financial records to verify other sources of income. As the received benefits from the government are for a shorter duration, you cannot rely on them. Simultaneously, we may accept some other income ways, such as:

  • Disability Income
  • Government Annuity Payment
  • Recurring Interests
  • Alimony
  • Public Assistance
  • Pending sale of a Property or other investment
  • Social Security Benefit Payment
  • Spouse or Partner Income
  • Pending Employment Offer
  • Pension or retirement benefits
  • Regular benefits from a trust
  • Pending contract for freelance work


The current economic scenario not only in Ireland but worldwide is quite scary and uncertain. Losing the job in such severe circumstances is like inviting more financial troubles. Unfortunately, it is happening right now. Thus, the significance of loans becomes more vital.

The unemployed loans can prove to be the most influential decision of your life. There are two reasons behind that:

  • Lenders are showing great dedication to bring easy short-term loans in front of the borrowers;
  • The features of loans are favouring unwaged borrowers too much as they want them at any cost

As far as the loan features are concerned, we have brought several for you including:

Features of unemployed loans

Apply with Flexible Repayment Terms: Unlike other private lenders in Ireland, we are firm to provide our borrowers with flexible repayment terms in which they have their choice to make. They are not earning a full-time income, and thus they will have to make monthly instalment through their alternate income.

Apply with Any Credit Score Status: At here, you enjoy the easiness of applying for loans although you have a bad credit score. We are already prepared with unemployed bad credit loans, which you can get on reasonable APRs. Alternatively, you can bring a guarantor or can pledge any collateral.

Apply with Any Residential Status: One more freedom is there for you. Yes, you can apply for the unemployed loans whether you are living on rent or residing as a homeowner. Our terms and conditions are more or less similar to both occasions.

Apply with Home Comfort: Indeed, you now have the opportunity to apply for the cash loans by sitting at home with having an internet connection. You do not need any legwork and paperwork. Instead, you only have to follow 3 simple steps comprising of:

  • Fill up an online form with personal details and submit it;
  • Get an instant quote from us and give your consent;
  • Receive the desired funds on the same day or within one hour of approval.


Before applying for the loans, irrespective of what employment status you are possessing, it is exceptionally vital for you to remain honest with yourself and judge what ability you are having right now. You should know that one missed payment can do significant harm to your credit score. Multiple missed repayments can further invite very poor credit score or CCJ against your name. Remember, it will impact your job prospects too.

  • You have to be realistic while looking for the loans;
  • You must know how to make the monthly payments;
  • In case of any doubt, skip the loan deal and choose the one that suits you more;
  • Lower the sum of the borrowed amount as it will further help you to repay;
  • If you have the money, make the early repayment, and we do not charge any fees;
  • It will be better if you choose automatic deduction option from your bank account to avoid any risk of missing payment.

These vital suggestions will put you on the safer side. For more details, you can ask anytime to our finance experts by making a call or sending an email.


If you are unemployed, it can be hard to get loan approval. But if you are a little sincere in your expenses and requirements, CURRENT FINANCE LOANS is always there to assist you with personalised unemployed loans in Ireland. We offer the loan deals on the most favourable interest rate, and you can expect all terms of cooperation from our representatives.

We assure the complete guarantee of maximum security to the borrowers’ personal data. More benefits from us are as follow:

24/7 Lending

You can contact us anytime and from anywhere in Ireland. We are available all days and weeks to serve the best efforts.

Simple and Straightforward

You do not require doing anything extraordinary. Be simple in your borrowing and we are straightforward to our approach.

No Upfront Fees

What we are right now, we remain after the loan process too. All the rates that you receive in the loan quote, they will remain for later too.

Get the pleasure of our quick loans for unemployed in Ireland now and solve all your financial problems from today onwards!

Unemployed Loans FAQs

Can I get guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

Yes, you can get even if you are jobless. But, you may have to show your repayment capability. For this, you can show anyone things mentioned-below:

  • Guarantor
  • Spouse income
  • Credit history

Showing any of them is enough to get quick funds. Above it, if you have any part-time income, then you can show that too.

How I get a loan despite unemployment?

Unemployment is common these days, and direct lenders understand this. For getting approval, you can show guarantor that should not be financially connected. Or, if you are new borrower, then showing part-time income or any other additional source is enough to get funds.

Can I get a loan for unemployed with no guarantor?

Arranging guarantor is not an easy job; it took efforts to convince them. But, if you continuously fail to do this and need money then options, like showing credit score or collateral, can assist you in getting prompt approval.

Can I apply for an unemployed emergency loan?

Yes, you can apply for this loan. The lender may ask you to show credit report or guarantor for speedy approval. If the amount is large, then collateral could be the right choice.

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