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The bad credit loan is a dedicated lending product for the people with less-than-perfect credit scores. Primarily, borrowers mostly apply this short-term loan for the purposes like:

  • To calm down the trouble during a financial emergency;
  • To improve the credit ratings by timely payment

In this lending product, the criterion for loan approval is not the borrowers’ credit history. Instead, the lending institutions prefer the individual income capacity to give the nod to the borrowing request.

We are continuously working for the financial interests of the bad credit people and do whatever we can for their immediate satisfaction. The most vital parts of our new lending policies are the two EXEMPTIONS:

  • No Guarantor is required
  • No Credit Check Policy is followed

These elements are enough to make our deals among the best bad credit loans in Ireland.

What is Bad Credit Loan


We cannot tell what other lenders are doing, but our lending doors are always open for the people carrying borderline credit report with having 561 scores.

We make this happen, as we are not running that policy where borrowers’ capacity is judged on his or her past performance. In place of that, we prefer the current financial act as the base of loan acceptance.

How is the recent financial performance defined?

We have the set the criteria for that too, and it is not going to be hard:-

  • The monthly income (that should be minimum €700 per month);
  • If not the full-time income, then acceptance can be given on part-time earning;
  • People with self-employment can also confirm their approval.


We are among those pioneers of new-age lending in Ireland who do not feel reluctant to bring exclusive loan deals for people with poor credit scores.

The most favoured thing for the borrowers here is that they can easily obtain amount up to €15000 with no need for hefty paperwork. We are even ready to offer this amount also though you do not have any guarantor to back or no collateral to pledge.

Conditions are more or less the same for them, but again their current income should have the capacity of making all repayments within the given schedule.

Remember, you need to be sincere in your personal details, especially related to the monthly earning. It should be correct and wise so that we can have the surety of timely repayments.


With having a bad credit score, no one would trust in your capacity. It is not the time where you expect someone to believe you; rather, you have to trust the direct lenders to get personal loans on reasonable norms.

It is not the theoretical thing to assume, as it is practical too. Reasons are also available to defend the supremacy of direct lenders’ bad credit loans over those of traditional lenders.

Flexible Interest Rates

When you are already struggling with poor credit scores, you need to keep the interest rates within your capacity. Therefore, the term ‘flexibility’ holds its significance here. Direct lenders in Ireland generally confirm the lending terms after analysing the individual circumstances.

Instant Funding Access

Most Irish direct lenders are pursuing the digital platform to accept the loan application and to disburse the funds. It is what the borrowers like the most about their quick loans for bad credit. Forget the weeks; you do not have to wait for days to get the loan acceptance.

Fully Committed to Borrowers’ credit enhancement

We always follow a policy where we stand together with our borrowers whatever their credit score is. We are fortunate to have the services of experienced loan experts. They not only frame the customer-friendly loan deals but also guide them in choosing the right financial direction.


If you have the desire of gaining benefits of bad credit loans on the instant decision in Ireland, then Current Finance Loans is the ideal destination for you.

The loan deals here solve the dual purposes of the borrowers:

First, to arrange the funds instantly to resolve financial issues; and

Second, to regain the financial constancy in the life of the borrowers

Apply for Bad Credit Loans Now
Step One:

Visit here and find out an online form to fill it. Put correct personal details regarding amount, contact number and address, date of birth and Eircode.
Step Two:

Submit the form after carefully inserting details. We quickly look at them and approve within a few minutes, followed by instant bank transfer of funds.
Step Three:

Make repayments on the date chosen by you in every month. Try to be punctual in making the payments as it will benefit you in credit score improvement.
Step Four:

If you want to make early repayments, we allow you to do, and there will be no fees either. However, we do give a buffer period of 15 days for the late payment.

Your credit score is not a standstill thing. It may get up and low depending upon your performance or compulsion over the years.

Current Finance Loans is committed to keeping up your credit score with feasible and flexible bad credit loan deals for the Irish people. Apply now…

Bad Credit Loans FAQs

Do you offer bad credit loans on an instant decision?

Yes, we do offer bad credit loans on the instant decision but with the criterion of presenting good income. The lender progresses with no credit check feature, which further states as leniency in work. If the borrowing amount is significant, the lender can consider giving secured funds to support the borrower in need.

Can I get a Bad Credit loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, there is a financial term where you can collect the bad credit loans even if you are unemployed. The lender considers giving the money based on your side income and other liable documents. The instant disbursal is provided with ease if the criterion is followed.

Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit?

There are guaranteed loans for bad credit if the applicant serves the income and the repayment process as an assurance the term will be handled properly. You can also get approval by presenting guarantor, which is optional and depending on the applicant’s choice.

Do I need collateral to get a bad credit loan?

It depends on the situation or the amount you have quoted. The bad credit loan serves when the credit score report is not up to the mark. If the amount is big, then you can arrange collateral for approval.

What is the best way to get bad credit loans in Ireland?

The best way to get the bad credit loans in Ireland is to search for a reliable lender, fill up the application form. Based on the requirement and the quoted amount, you can collect money on bad credit score.

What happens if I miss a loan repayment?

The lender may send you the reminder to make you aware of the missed payment. If you do not abide by the reminder from the lender’s call, then you will be getting CCJ order for the progress of the situation.

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